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Fossil find in Alberta, Canada

July 2015

AlbertaSome ‘60-million-year-old’ fossils have been found in Alberta, Canada, by a creationist called Edgar Nernberg.

According to BBC reports, Mr Nernberg, who has a long-standing interest in Creation Science, was digging a basement for his home in Calgary, Alberta, when he came across five fish fossils, found in rocks allegedly 60 million years old. Mr Nernberg told reporters that the find was important and extraordinary, but it had not changed his mind about the way the world was made, or shaken his faith in creation.

As quoted by the BBC, Mr Nernberg said, ‘When the five fish fossils presented themselves to me in the excavator bucket, the first thing I said was, “You’re coming home with me”. The second thing was, “I’d better call a palaeontologist”.’

According to the University of Calgary, the specimens were in sandstone from the Paskapoo Formation, a Palaeocene age sedimentary rock which underlies parts of southern Alberta. In a statement from the university, palaeontologist Darla Zelenitsky said, ‘Because complete fossils are relatively rare from this time period in Alberta, any such discoveries are significant, as they shed light on the nature and diversity of animals that lived not long after the extinction of the dinosaurs’.