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Keep involved in politics!

June 2015

Christians must not sink back into political passivity now the general election has come and gone, Nola Leach, chief executive of charity CARE has said.
Following the surprise majority Conservative win in a closely contested election, she applauded the work of churches in getting their members involved in politics.

Some 69 per cent of the adult population voted — slightly higher than in 2010. Ms Leach said, ‘What we witnessed during the election campaign in terms of church involvement was exciting’. At a time of great political indifference, ‘[it] is a stunning riposte to those who say the church has tuned out completely from politics. 

‘But my concern is, now the election is over, Christians face the very real temptation to slip back into a form of political passivity and it is absolutely essential we resist this temptation. The challenges we face as a nation, as Christians, and as a part of our wider society, are enormous’.

Her words were matched by those of Steve Clifford, general director of the Evangelical Alliance, who called on Christians to ‘look beyond the party differences that divided us when we voted and work together for the future’.

He said, ‘Our new government has the opportunity to demonstrate the trust that has been placed in them. I hope we can see faith restored in politicians and in the wider political system. Protecting religious freedom and helping the poorest in society were the two issues that had the greatest impact on evangelical voters at this election.

‘The Alliance will continue to work with MPs and the government to press for a concerted effort to protect religious freedom and help those in greatest poverty. We will hold politicians to account for the promises they made in these areas and others during the campaign’.

We should pray for and support our politicians, as well as call them to account for the policies they make.