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Egyptian petition

June 2015

Christian advocacy organisation Release International has launched its ‘Egypt: every right’ campaign, to help protect and encourage persecuted Christians in the country.

The organisation has created a petition form, addressed to the Egyptian ambassador in the UK, which is calling on the Egyptian government to put proper mechanisms in place to enforce the rights of Christians and other minorities, as covered by the constitutional changes made in 2014.

According to Release, the petition, which can be done online or in print-out, should be returned by 30 September. It comes at a time of increasing persecution in the area. Earlier this year, 21 Coptic Christians were beheaded publicly by Islamic State in Libya, prompting military action by the Egyptian government.

However, many Christians in Egypt themselves have not been accorded the rights supposedly enshrined in the 2014 constitution. Bishoy Armia Boulos, who wished to change his religious identity on his ID card to Christianity, failed in his lawsuit to do so in 2007 and still remains in jail.

Christians are also facing a harsh judicial system where Islamic judges often give higher priority to Sharia law than to the newly adopted constitution.

Paul Robinson, Release International chief executive, said, ‘Now is the time for Christians in the UK and Ireland to pray and to act on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Egypt. This is why we are asking people to petition the Egyptian government to take these very necessary steps’.


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