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Marylebone Project

May 2015

Local schools and churches donated chocolate eggs to give to homeless women living at the Marylebone Project over the Easter weekend.

James Marlow, fundraising officer for the Marylebone Project, said local churches and faith schools had been so generous to offer help for its ‘Real Meaning of Easter’ project.

Each egg had its packaging enhanced to carry the real meaning of Easter, and one of SGM Lifewords’ Easter booklets were added to the package.

There were several booklets chosen to give to the women: The Easter story, and The Easter journey cards, and these were donated to Marylebone Project by SGM Lifewords.

Annie Rey, marketing director for SGM Lifewords, said, ‘Getting the Bible’s life-changing words into the hands of homeless women is such vital work, especially at Easter’.

The Marylebone Project, which is part of the work of Church Army, is dedicated to meeting the needs of homeless women. The range of services provided aims to give the women practical support, educational opportunities and spiritual space.