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Nigeria – Missionary released

May 2015

Phyllis SortorA Christian missionary who had been kidnapped by masked gunmen in central Nigeria has been released. According to a BBC report, US citizen Phyllis Sortor had been seized from where she was working, in the Hope Academy compound in Kogi state, on 23 February.

Kogi state police said she had been rescued and returned safely to US authorities. Spokesman Collins Sola Adebayo told AFP news agency that no ransom was paid ‘as far as police are concerned’.

Quoted by the BBC, the Free Methodist Church USA released a statement that Ms Sortor was now in the care of authorities and church leaders; ‘she was aware there were risks associated with her ministry, but also knew there are very few places in the world without risks and dangers’.

While the circumstances surrounding her release are unclear, the church added that ‘many, many people’ had helped secure Ms Sortor’s freedom.

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