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Siloam in Bulgaria

May 2015

Seasonal Bible camps held across Bulgaria have been making a significant impact on the lives of children in the country, the UK director of Siloam Christian Ministries Richard Norton says.

Siloam claims that the camps have influenced church and community leaders in a country which is the poorest in the European Union. ‘Seasonal Bible Camps prove strategic as Siloam has partnered with local churches for more than 30 years. Today numerous church and community leaders attribute their transformed lives to the influence of Bible camps during their disadvantaged youth’.

Siloam highlighted the story of one couple, Veselka and Darin. After childbirth, Veselka’s leg blew up to twice its size, due to deep vein thrombosis. Doctors gave up hope of her survival. Darin, although upset, handed everything over to the Lord. But one praying church believed that in seven days all would be well. 

On the seventh day, Veselka recovered and was moved to an ordinary ward. Medics kept her under observation, but, when Darin visited, he found her helping infirm ladies to walk. 

Siloam has been using healthcare, relief aid and education as a means for the gospel since the 1980s. Teams of volunteers from local churches serve by giving practical aid and spiritual comfort.