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Holiday Bible clubs at Norwich and Needham Market

May 2015 | by Matthew Pickhaver

Holiday Bible Club

On Saturday 14 February, from 1.00pm until 4.00pm, a team from Norwich Evangelical Free Church (NEFC) was able to make use of Antingham Gospel Hall for a second time, to hold a holiday Bible club.

This was again preceded by some door-to-door visiting on the surrounding Heartsease estate, as well as the opportunity to take another assembly at the nearest primary school. 

With Shrove Tuesday not far away, the traditions of Lent were used to introduce the story of the Lord Jesus spending 40 days fasting in the wilderness and Satan’s three temptations, which were explained over two lessons.

The memory verse taught was Psalm 119:11: ‘I have hidden your Word in my heart that I might not sin against you’.

The children made pancake-shaped badges, ate pancakes for snack and enjoyed pancake races too! But the main craft activity helped reinforce the way Jesus used God’s Word to defeat the devil and fight temptation. Each made a card heart, within which various temptations were placed, after they’d been paired up with appropriate Bible verses. 

A total of 20 children attended, half of whom returned from the December event, some bringing friends, while the rest were brand new contacts. In spite of many not being used to this sort of thing, the fact that they paid attention was shown by their responses in the quiz and the questions some asked, such as, ‘How exactly could Jesus be our Saviour?’!

Needham Market

An extended version of the same club then took place at Needham Market Evangelical Church, near Ipswich, also with the pastor and some of the church’s members, from Monday 16 until Wednesday 18 February. 

This also attracted a total of 20 children, with 13 attending all three sessions, from 10.00am until 12.30pm each day. Again, many children returned from the previous year’s club and brought friends along too.

In addition to the activities already mentioned, the children decorated biscuits and a biscuit box and worked together on a collage of pictures representing the three temptations, now on display at the church. 

Nearly all of them returned their memory verse booklets, with some thoroughly learning the daily verses — which this time were the Lord Jesus’ ‘It is written’ replies.

On the final day, parents of most of the children returned early for a presentation of what we had learned and for prize-giving, as well as to join in singing songs such as ‘Jesus’ love’, ‘Seek ye first’ and ‘Yield not to temptation’. This provided an excellent opportunity to present the gospel.

Pray for the salvation of the children reached in both Norwich and Needham Market over half-term, and that further contact with their families will be possible.

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