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Compassion UK educating girls

April 2015

According to Compassion UK, education plays a critical role in building the health and wealth of individuals, helping to improve the economy and health of communities, and even nations. 

Compassion UK is committed to providing education for girls who otherwise might never see the inside of a classroom. But, if education is the foundation on which to build a future, there are 84 million girls who see the prospect of school slipping away in front of them. 

There are a variety of reasons for this. For some, a sudden catastrophe or war makes school impossible. For others, deeply ingrained cultural practice leads to girls being discriminated against. For the majority, it simply comes down to poverty. 

An education has profound implications for girls. Every year that a girl stays in education will help her to earn more as an adult. Being at school significantly reduces the chances of early marriage, teen pregnancy, being trafficked or catching HIV. 

The effects can even be seen in the next generation. A child born to a literate mother is more likely to survive past the age of 5. This is why Compassion UK is committed to making education for girls happen all around the world. 


Today, through the work of Compassion’s church partners, 800,000 girls in some of the world’s poorest countries are defying the odds and going to school. 

Maria and friends

One of these girls is Maria. Maria’s father was unable to afford to pay for her schooling after the Colombian winter rains had washed away their home. Today, she sits in a classroom with her friends because someone on the other side of the world sponsored her. 

Febri Anita’s parents lived in poverty and simply did not have the money for her to attend school. But, thanks to a sponsor, she is now studying at Jakarta University. 

Margaret Makhoha grew up in a rural Ugandan village, where it was customary for girls to marry young and raise children. Compassion helped her, along with the encouragement of her sponsor, to finish schooling and complete her degree with honours. 

She is now a Member of Parliament and lobbying for girls just like she was, to have the opportunity to learn and to have a future. Compassion made this happen for her, and now she is able make a difference for thousands of girls throughout her nation. More information from 


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