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Protestant Truth Society

March 2015

Rev. Philip TaitRev. Philip Tait has joined the Protestant Truth Society (PTS) as its new director of ministry, bringing with him years of experience in ministry, management and publishing.

Qualified in English language and literature, he worked for the Department of Health and Social Security for 14 years, before training for the ordained ministry with the Evangelical Movement of Wales.

His first pastorate, from 1989, was at St John’s Wood Road Baptist Church, and it was then that the building began to host a number of day conferences and special meetings for various Protestant societies.

In 2004, he moved to Hardwick Baptist Church, Stockton-on-Tees, where he has been involved in the Teesside Ministers’ Fraternal. There, he wrote the theological syllabus and taught biblical theology in a course aimed at church members.

Mr Tait has also co-authored two books, Learning to be happy and The real thing, both published by Grace Publications Trust. As a member of that trust, he has been involved in approving submissions for publication. He is known to some through the Geneva Bible Notes he has authored since 1988. 

He said, ‘I know that some Evangelical Christians view non-church organisations such as the Society with caution, on the grounds that they have no clear scriptural injunction. But in my view, the justification for the existence of a Christian society is that it can do on behalf of churches some things which churches find difficulty doing for themselves.

‘I think one of the great needs of the hour is to make Bible-believing Christians aware of their heritage, and the PTS is well equipped to do this’.