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Dewsbury – Induction of Adam Beattie

March 2015 | by Judith Webster

Adam and AshleighDewsbury Evangelical Church (DEC), West Yorkshire, appointed a new assistant pastor in January 2015. Originally, the church had two co-pastors, Graham Heaps and Daniel Grimwade. However, Mr Heaps’ retirement in December presented the need to find an assistant pastor. 

Adam Beattie, 31 — recently graduated from George Whitefield College, South Africa — has been working alongside Mr Grimwade at the church whose membership is just under 100.

Mr Grimwade said, ‘As we face challenges and opportunities that arise from our recent move to new premises and our shift from a small- to medium-sized congregation, there is far more here than can be managed by one man working alone.

‘Having benefited from a team ministry over the years, we were keen to continue this way of working and provide a vital opportunity for a younger man to be trained’.

The church placed advertisements in various Christian media outlets between July and September 2014. Mr Beattie sent an application to the church in July. ‘He has a heart to work in the north, reaching ordinary people, and being involved in a church in a multi-cultural area. He is also interested in reaching Muslims’.

Mr Beattie visited DEC from 11-14 September and was shown the church building and local area. He attended a church trip to Temple Newsome, Leeds, on the Saturday and preached to the congregation on the Sunday evening. His placement was discussed at a members’ meeting on 24 September. 

Mr Grimwade added, ‘Mr Beattie is a godly and gifted preacher, whom we believe would be a good fit for us here in Dewsbury’. 

Mr Beattie officially began working for DEC on 1 January. He said: ‘The job description here at Dewsbury sounded like exactly what I am looking for: an opportunity to serve in a diverse community and learn in an assistant pastor capacity’.

Mr Grimwade added: ‘We believe Adam will benefit from working in a church with an established eldership, where he can find his feet in week-to-week, church based gospel ministry. We are hopeful that he will contribute to us, not just through his preaching ministry but also evangelistically and pastorally’.

Judith Webster


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