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February 2015

Christian charity CARE has welcomed the Northern Ireland Assembly’s unanimous vote to pass a hard-hitting bill to end human trafficking.

The Human Trafficking and Exploitation Bill, brought by Lord Morrow, has been called a ‘truly significant moment in the fight against human trafficking and exploitation in Northern Ireland’.

In a statement from CARE, which served as Lord Morrow’s principal adviser on the Bill, the charity said the passing of the Bill would put pressure on Westminster and Scotland, where current Bills ‘fall short of the strong provisions in Lord Morrow’s Bill’.

The statement added: ‘The Modern Slavery Bill [for England and Wales] is now in its final stages in Parliament, but still falls short of providing guaranteed support and assistance to victims.

‘The Bill passed by the Northern Ireland Assembly contains a duty to provide assistance to victims and a statement of the types of support to which victims are entitled. The Scottish government’s Human Trafficking and Exploitation Bill contains similar provision. The Modern Slavery Bill is now the poor relation in terms of victim protection across the UK’.