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Jihadist brothers

February 2015

Four brothers from Sydney, Australia, are believed to have joined Islamic State jihadists in Syria, the Sydney Morning Herald has reported.

According to the newspaper report, the four — aged 17, 23, 25 and 28 — are ‘simple boys’ who were so disorganised that they missed their original flight out of Australia and had to rebook tickets for the following day. 

The two oldest brothers are also obese, tipping the scales at more than 140 kilograms each. The Herald reported that the brothers told their mother they were going on a holiday to Thailand, but secretly flew to Turkey and have, it is believed, crossed the border into Syria.

One of them texted their mother, who thought they were in Thailand. The text allegedly said, ‘We made it to Bilad al-Sham [Syria], we will see you in paradise’. The mother, who was born in Lebanon, said the brothers showed no signs of radicalism before they left, and has pleaded for them to return.