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London Theological Seminary

January 2015

Last year, London Theological Seminary (LTS) had a special visit from Dr Bruce Ware, professor of theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky.

Dr Ware visited for three days of lectures on the subject of providence. He surveyed the providence of God as understood in process theism, classic Arminianism, open theism and the Reformed tradition.

Students were given a comprehensive view of how this important doctrine has been handled, enabling them to understand better the biblical, theological and pastoral superiority of Reformed teaching.

Alongside this, LTS hosted a public lecture from Dr Ware. On Wednesday 8 October, he spoke on gender, looking particularly at equality and differentiation in God’s creation of man as male and female. He explained with great passion and clarity the differences between the complementation and egalitarian positions.

Given this subject’s relevance to our culture, the topic generated much discussion from pastors, students and others attending. As our culture continues to blur the lines on gender, Dr Ware encouraged us to not just stick to the Bible’s teaching, but to embrace and love it.