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Christians and sport

January 2015

One-tenth of Christians believe sport is an idol that many people in UK society worship, and only 25 per cent play any sport weekly, a poll has found.

In an online poll of nearly 2000 adult Christians across the UK, commissioned by Christians in Sport, only 34 per cent believed that sport was a gift from God for people to enjoy.

Commenting on the poll, Matthew van Duyvenbode, director of external relations, advocacy and research for the Bible Society, said, ‘It is great to see so many Christians having a positive attitude to sport, but more work could be done. 

‘Only 19 per cent of Christians said their church actively encouraged their congregations to play sport, so it would be great if all churches become more supportive about the role it can play in daily life’. 

The poll has accompanied the release of research around sport and ethics, carried out by religious think-tank Theos, called The state of play. The report included interviews with athletes, chaplains and others in the sporting world and explores the connections between faith and sport.


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