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Water aid

January 2015

International charity WaterAid has asked congregations to donate any savings made from giving up treats for Lent to bring clean drinking water to some of the world’s poorest communities.

WaterAid’s Jars of Change appeal aims to raise money for children like eleven-year-old Frehiwot from the Ashalta community in Ethiopia, who often misses school to collect dirty water from a muddy pond.

A spokesman for WaterAid said that if congregations could donate the money saved by giving something up for Lent, which is on 18 February, then churches could help install wells and give more hope for children in the poorest nations on earth.

WaterAid has provided free resources to help inspire congregations to raise funds — from dedicated sermon notes, to handy fundraising tips and a Sunday school activity booklet, designed to get children involved.

Each congregation member will receive a special WaterAid sleeve for their Jar of Change to collect their savings. WaterAid has also encouraged churches to support World Water Day on 22 March.