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January 2015

International Christian broadcaster Trans World Radio (TWR) has been using the ministry’s communication network to spread health information across West Africa.

Abdoulaye Sangho, TWR’s international director for West and Central Africa, has been spearheading the project.

He said, ‘TWR is very involved in the prevention of Ebola in West Africa. At the end of the day, we talk about the gospel. There is hope in Jesus. But first, it is about preventing Ebola’.

TWR personnel have worked with government and health officials to develop a unified message called the emergency response project, Alert Ebola.

Alert Ebola is broadcast in French, which is widely used in the former French colonies of West Africa. The broadcasts are in the style of health magazines and help to promulgate the governments’ messages of hygiene and infection control. The radio slots are backed up by informative flyers, which are distributed on the ground.

High quality, easily understood information is highly sought after in areas affected by Ebola. So Alert Ebola and the fliers are being distributed not only by Christian groups but across the population, including through mosques.

One Imam in Mali wrote: ‘I would like to express gratitude to TWR who gave us this information about Ebola. People fear this disease and nobody knows when it will arrive. Since we are well informed now, we will take hygiene more seriously to avoid Ebola. I will definitely take advantage of prayer times to advise my fellow Muslims and my neighbours’.






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