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EA Scotland speaks out

January 2015

Evangelical Alliance Scotland has given a cautious welcome to policies announced by the new administration, under Nicola Sturgeon.

Kieran Turner, spokesman for the Alliance, said, although he welcomed many policies that reflected some of the 38 recommendations outlined in the Alliance’s 2014 What kind of nation? manifesto, he called on the first minister to ensure reality matches her rhetoric, in empowering communities across Scotland.

He said, ‘We welcome much of the aspiration contained within the programme for government and the desire to include communities to build a better nation.

‘These measures echo much of what the Evangelical Alliance has been calling for, particularly with relation to tackling human trafficking, domestic abuse, low pay and land reform’.

However, he said the Evangelical Alliance wanted to see that the rhetoric must be matched by a real and genuine empowerment of communities and involvement of the churches and other groups that contribute to neighbourhoods across Scotland.

Mr Turner said, ‘The government must engage communities and not just talk about them. The way to improve communities is to radically empower them, by talking to them, listening to them, giving them powers, and taking them on board as genuine partners in the process of government.

‘Now is the time for the first minister to make good on her promise to empower every community in Scotland, and we, the Evangelical Alliance and our entire membership base, stand ready to help her in this task’.


Picture:  Rt Hon Nicola Sturgeon MSP








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