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Easter Ross

January 2015

A Free Church of Scotland (FCS) congregation in Easter Ross has started to build an extension to its existing premises in Fearn. Most of the work is being undertaken by volunteers from Tain and Fearn, and the project is expected to be completed early in 2015. In the interim, a portacabin is being used.

Tain and Fearn Free Church is running near capacity on Sundays, due to the increase in children at morning services. Rev. Alasdair MacAulay, who pastors both congregations, said, ‘The congregation is thankful that the number of children attending has more than doubled in the past year, but this has presented us with a challenge, as space in the hall was rather limited.

‘More than half the children are of pre-school age, which meant that the crèche had to be split into two groups. While the hall extension is being built, the portacabin will enable the various classes to meet in different rooms’.

The hall extension, which will include a much larger kitchen, storage area and disabled toilet will also make it easier to cater for those who attend the weekly ‘free lunch’. This caters for 30-50 people.