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WFM away day

November 2014 | by Elizabeth McHugh

Opening with 184 women singing praise to God, ‘Keep on keeping on’ was the title of the biennial Free Church of Scotland Women for Mission (WFM) away day.

The day was held at the National Christian Outreach Centre, in Perth, Scotland, on 20 September.

WFM brings together women from across Scotland to support mission and fund-raise for various mission projects, while also encouraging fellowship among the ladies.

The main speaker was Olwen Ford, who, along with her husband David, has spent time in the mission fields of Peru, Colombia and Coatbridge. Mrs Ford took her inspiration from Hebrews 12:1-2. Her opening talk noted that Christians, as followers of Jesus, are on a journey with God through life and towards the heavenly kingdom.

She reminded the women that, although Christians will struggle in life, they can find the strength to keep going by turning to God, the one who loves them and understands their needs. Following this, the day was made up of more singing, updates and experiences shared from mission fields.

This year, WFM is supporting three groups: Osamu and Mairi Nakahashi, reaching out with the gospel to people affected by the Japanese 2011 tsunami; Steadfast Global, supporting persecuted Christians worldwide; and Dwelling Places, in Kampala, Uganda, working to remove children from the streets and show them the love of Jesus.

Mrs Ford closed the day by reminding the women to keep their eyes on Jesus, as they run the race God has set for them.

Elizabeth McHugh



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