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Hong Kong protests

November 2014

Churches in Hong Kong have been using October’s demonstrations to carry out evangelism, reports have claimed. According to Australian paper Business spectator, the pro-democracy protests have uncovered an ‘older tension’, that of Christianity and Communism.

The paper claimed that churches in Hong Kong were offering food and shelter to demonstrators, while several of the young founders of the various protest groups are known to be Christians.

It is also believed that

Occupy Central leader Chu Yiu-ming is a Baptist minister, while the city’s former Catholic bishop has given vocal support to the protests.

Quoted in the Business spectator was Joseph Chan, a political science professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He said, ‘Christians, by definition, do not trust the Communists. The Communists suppress Christians wherever they are’.

According to reports, church volunteers were handing sandwiches, wrapped and sealed with a heart-shaped sticker, reading ‘Jesus loves you’, to the protesters.