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Ken Huxtable (1939–2014)

November 2014 | by Daniel Webber

Following a protracted period of illness, Rev. Ken Huxtable passed peacefully into the presence of his Lord on Wednesday 27 August 2014. A funeral and burial service at Newhouse Baptist Church in Devon on Monday 8 October was followed by a thanksgiving service at Waterford House Evangelical Free Church in Strood, Kent on Friday 19 October.

Mr Huxtable was someone who always sought, whether at home or overseas, to earnestly and honestly serve the interests of Jesus Christ.

Not only did he keenly believe that a Christian is one who is ‘saved to serve’, but also that such service was to be characterised by a humility which submits itself to the authority of God’s Word.

Mr Huxtable was born on 28 November 1939 in Romford, Essex. His life did not get off to the best of starts: at just three years old he was adopted and given a new surname.

In 1953, he met Margaret Jiggins at school. Within a year of that first meeting, he was brought to a clear understanding of the gospel and saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Four years later, while still only 18 years old, he began itinerant preaching. This small beginning was to result in him spending the greater part of his life in a preaching and pastoral capacity.

Christian service

Mr Huxtable and Margaret were married in 1959 and by the time they moved to Shoeburyness in 1968, their four children, Joy, Geoffrey, Jane and Jonathan, had been born. Two years later, he was invited to become lay-pastor at West Road Chapel (now known as Shoebury Evangelical Church).

In 1974, Ken received an invitation to become pastor at Rochester Baptist Church in Kent. After four years, he and Margaret decided that he should return to secular employment and yet remain in the Medway area, joining Waterford House Evangelical Free Church.

For the next 25 years he faithfully served the interests of the gospel in this church as a well-respected and trusted member, elder, and preacher. In 1990, he was the only person to be surprised by the church’s overwhelming support for him to replace me as its pastor.

In 2004, the Huxtables retired to the West Country. This has been a regular holiday retreat during their years of Christian service. Soon he was engaged in itinerant preaching among local churches, taking home Bible studies and, for a two-year period, served as Moderator at North Curry Baptist Church.

Even when, in 2011, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he continued to preach; his final engagement being at Newhouse Baptist Church on 1 June this year. Our thoughts and prayers are with Margaret and all the family.

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