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Wellington, Shropshire

November 2014

On 21 September, Grace Church Wellington (GCW), an independent evangelical church, was launched in Wellington, Telford, in Shropshire. Believers gathered at the new church, whose preaching is committed to God’s Word, the Bible. 

According to a statement, GCW is convinced that church is more than merely starting a service or filling a building on a Sunday; it aims to be distinctive by its clarity and simple commitment to the gospel.

Meeting in the library in the Wellington Civic and Leisure Centre, the church believes that the area needs ‘hope’, which can only be found in Christ.

Pastor Tim Wills said, ‘Wellington is a terrific place to live for so many reasons. Yet, despite the benefits of our historic town, people know that something is missing in their lives. That something is Christ. We will proclaim the powerful gospel of Jesus Christ, the hope for our town and for our nation’.





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