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Rainhill, Merseyside

November 2014 | by David Wilkinson

On Saturday 6 September, Rev. David Wilkinson was inducted to the pastorate of Trinity Evangelical Church, part of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC).

Mr Wilkinson left the Church of England (CofE) 11 years ago and was, prior to moving to Rainhill, an antiquarian bookseller and pastor of an Evangelical Free Church in Kendal, Cumbria.

The service, with a congregation of around 180, was led by Keith Dimmock, elder of the church. Jim Mollitt, former pastor of Trinity, led the prayers and his brother, John Mollitt, former pastor of Ingleton Evangelical Church, gave the charge to the minister and church.

John reminded the congregation from Ephesians 4 of their need to respect the office of pastor; and he reminded the pastor of his need to be both a pastor and a teacher to the church.

Mr Wilkinson explained his call to the church. Greetings were given from the local council, Mr Wilkinson’s previous church in Kendal, and Don Newnes, representing the FIEC.

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