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Grove Chapel, Camberwell

November 2014 | by Reuel Abrams

Saturday 6 September was a sunny day in south-east London and Grove Chapel, as members met with many friends and brethren for the induction of Paul Yeulett as their tenth minister.

The service, which marked the end of a four year inter-regnum, was led by Stephen Taylor, one of the elders. An early and happy duty for Reuel Abrams, a fellow elder, was to welcome two new members into fellowship!

The search committee chairman recounted the history of the call and the minister elect responded with his reflections on how he had been led to this point.

This was followed by a charge put to him, in which he was asked to confirm various things. These were his adherence to the Westminster Shorter Catechism, the church’s basis of faith; his calling as a minister of the gospel; and his commitment to serve the church faithfully.

A charge was then put to Grove’s members to promise to receive Mr Yeulett as their minister; to receive his ministry and encourage and support him in his labours.

Following his signing of a declaration, hands were laid on him by Grove’s elders, Andrew Sides, chairman of deacons, and Ian Hamilton, minister of Cambridge Presbyterian Church, and he was thereby inducted into his new charge.

Special thanks go to Ian Hamilton, the preacher for the day and a great friend of Grove over many years. He spoke earnestly to his friend Mr Yeulett and the congregation from Romans 11:33 – 12:2 on the work of a gospel minister.

He reminded everyone that foremost in all that Mr Yeulett does, he is to be so taken up with his God that his ministry overflows with the ‘Oh’ of the apostle. The afternoon ended pleasantly with a fellowship tea.

Reuel Abrams






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