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Edinburgh Theological Seminary

October 2014

Edinburgh Theological Seminary (ETS) has attracted a record number of new students, with 21 new starters beginning their studies in the Scottish capital.

According to a statement from ETS, the increase was partly because of a decision to rebrand what was formerly the Free Church College as the Edinburgh Theological Seminary, coupled with an increasing diversity of courses and lecturers.

Iver Martin, ETS principal, said, ‘It has been a great encouragement to see a significant increase in the number of students over the past two years, and we hope that this continues. Our vision is for our students to take what they learn here and dedicate their knowledge and skills to the work of fulfilling the Great Commission’.

One of the new starts is 24-year-old Innes MacSween, who spent the past 12 months with the UCCF programme in Cambridge. Mr MacSween said, ‘I think its strengths come from both an historical and modern commitment to Westminster theology, and its deep resources of learning Greek, Hebrew, church history, systematic theology — and the rest’.

As well as the full-time Bachelor of Theology degree, validated by the University of Glasgow, ETS runs some part-time initiatives, such as the ‘Saturday Course’, which attracts more than 100 people every year.