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Greek New Testament

October 2014

Tyndale House has undertaken a major work in bringing out an edition of the Greek New Testament, Dr Dirk Jongkind has said.

The New Testament research fellow at Tyndale House, and Fellow at St Edmund’s College, Cambridge, said it was important to produce a new edition of the Greek New Testament, despite the fact there were a number of editions already in existence.

Quoted in a newsletter from Tyndale House, Mr Jongkind said, ‘Partly, this plays a role within our Scripture Tools for Every Person project, in which we make high quality scholarly tools available free of charge.

‘To have a good, critical text under our own copyright means we become less dependent on others.

‘However, we have a scholarly reason for doing so. We are studying the mechanics of copying New Testament manuscripts, and we are using the picture of scribal behaviour that has emerged from these studies to explain why variants came into existence’.

He said the team was starting from the assumption that the scribes did not want to change the text, but did so in the process of copying; and this angle would set the Tyndale House edition apart.

The New Testament will be published in stages, firstly electronically, inviting feedback from other scholars, and the second edition will contain a print element. The expected publication date is 20162017.


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