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EHRC investigation

October 2014

The Evangelical Alliance (EA) has welcomed a recent call for evidence from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) about how religion or belief has affected their life.

The consultation was opened after the EHRC said it needed to investigate whether individuals and organisations have found that their religion or belief, or that of other people, may have affected their experiences in the workplace, and in using the services and facilities they need in everyday life.

The EHRC wants to assess how employers and service providers are taking religion or belief into account and the impact this has on individuals in England, Scotland and Wales.

The EHRC statement said, ‘The Commission will also use the evidence as part of its work looking at how effective the current legislation is proving in practice, stating that, “despite a number of high profile legal cases involving the manifestation of religion or belief, little is known about how frequently these issues occur in practice”.’

Steve Clifford, EA director, said, ‘We welcome this great opportunity for Christians and those of other faiths to share their experiences of discrimination in areas such as employment or service provision. It is really important that we take this opportunity and we will be encouraging the 2 million evangelical Christians in Great Britain to respond’.

He said the EA recognised concerns that the current equality legislation is ‘unfairly biased’ against Christians, and that the consultation could ‘have a significant and positive impact in shaping the equalities agenda for religion and belief for the foreseeable future’.










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