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Overseas Council

October 2014

A Christian training organisation has celebrated its 40th anniversary, with more than 150 people gathered from 10 countries at the Indiana Roof Ballroom, Indianapolis, US.

The Overseas Council, which trains more than 58,000 students globally and has approximately 19,000 graduates going out to serve the church, was founded in 1974 to raise money for one seminary based in Seoul, South Korea. Since then, it has grown to partner with more than 130 different seminaries and Bible colleges in 70 countries.

Dr David Baer, president and chief executive of Overseas Council, told the attendees, ‘Christians have a vocation to serve God’s world with excellence, commitment and joy. In the decades ahead, I am convinced there is no more important task than preparing articulate, committed, passionate and intelligent servant-leaders for Christ’s people’.

The event was also attended by Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana, who told those gathered in the ballroom, ‘Through your work, each of you serves as a shining beacon of hope here in the Hoosier State, across our nation, and throughout the world’.