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ACTS in Nigeria

October 2014

On Thursday 1 August, books ordered by Africa Christian Textbooks (ACTS) were loaded onto containers in Chicago and Northern Ireland, heading for Nigeria.

According to an ACTS newsletter, there are more orders and shipments following close behind. In its newsletter, the Christian charity said, ‘It is not always easy to find sufficient funds to pay our suppliers — evangelical publishers — as well as our editorial and design costs.

‘We thank God that Bulus Makut, our accountant in Nigeria, was able recently to send a substantial amount through our Nigerian bank to the UK’.

However, the newsletter warned that ACTS continued to be ‘very concerned’ that the Nigerian authorities may go through with their plan to impose a 20 per cent import duty and 30 per cent levy on books.

Meanwhile, ACTS has been finalising the publication of new titles and negotiating with western publishers for rights to publish some important theological titles.


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