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Lochaber encouragement

October 2014 | by Gordon Bell

More than 200 people gathered in Lochaber in August for the induction of David Kirk as assistant minister to Kilmallie and Ardnamurchan Free Church.

Inverness minister Rev. David Meredith took the conversion of Saul from Acts 9 as his text, before Fortrose’s Rev. Sandy Sutherland gave a word of encouragement to Mr Kirk and the congregation.

Mr Kirk’s arrival comes a decade after Rev. Chris ‘Kiki’ MacRae became minister in Caol. The church has seen many encouragements, including many professions of faith in Christ, a way forward for the churches on the Ardnamurchan peninsula, and the redevelopment of the Kilmallie church premises into a multi-purpose building, at the heart of the community.

Mr Meredith noted that Paul’s introduction to the church was initially one of disappointment, because the 12 disciples were afraid of him, as he had previously persecuted the Christian cause.

Mr Meredith spoke of his sorrow that, in past times, difficult characters from various communities had not been made as welcome in congregations as they should have been. In spite of their hang-ups and backgrounds, the bottom line was that God had transformed them into believers. Yet Paul experienced encouragement in the church, because Barnabas took him to the other apostles.

Paul’s preaching was Christ-centred and in the power of the Holy Spirit. His ministry was costly as well: Mr Kirk should not expect an easy ride, because becoming a minister is not done for popularity.

Mr Sutherland gave a brief address to Mr Kirk on the Great Commission before presenting him with a volume of sermons from Martin Lloyd-Jones, amongst other faithful preachers. He encouraged the united Kilmallie and Ardnamurchan congregations to work together, commended Kilmallie minister Rev. Chris ‘Kiki’ MacRae on the work over the past 10 years, and encouraged those gathered to pray for the two Kilmallie ministers.

After the service, there were speeches and a time of fellowship. We give thanks to God for the growth in Kilmallie, and pray that he will use Mr Kirk mightily in Lochaber. 

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