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Isle of Lewis

October 2014 | by Gordon Bell

On Wednesday 27 August, Thomas Davis was inducted as minister of Carloway Free Church on the Isle of Lewis.

The service, which began at 7.00pm, was presided over by Rev. Calum Iain Macleod, Lochs, who also preached. The congregation on the west side of Lewis had been without a minister since Rev. Kenny Macleod left in September 2012 to go to Dowanvale Free Church in Glasgow

It is Mr Davis’ first congregation in the Free Church of Scotland ministry, after graduating from Edinburgh Theological Seminary in May.

The Davis family moved into the Carloway manse early in August, and Mr Davis said, ‘We have settled well into the manse and already we feel very much at home in Carloway. We have been given a very warm welcome by the church and community and are looking forward to serving the people here in the months and years ahead’.

The father-of-three said he was ‘very conscious’ of the support and prayers of many people and the family was ‘so thankful’ to all those who have helped them. 

He added: ‘Most of all we are sincerely thankful to God for bringing us here and for giving us the opportunity to serve him in Carloway. Our prayer is that we would honour and glorify him in all that we do as a church, as we seek to continue the work of the gospel here’.


Although Mr Davis was born in Aberdeen, he moved to the Isle of Lewis while still a baby. He grew up in Stornoway and went to the Nicolson Institute. 

After leaving school, he successfully completed a degree in Economics and Politics with the Open University, while working part-time as a postman in Stornoway. During this time, he married Una and settled in Back. 

He then began an engineering apprenticeship with Gordon Diesel Services in Stornoway, owned by Una’s father Gordon Maclennan, where he worked from 2003 to 2011.

As well as preaching in several Free Church congregations across Scotland during his time as a ministry student, the Davis family were also very involved in the Kirkcaldy congregation.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the Isle of Lewis, Murdo Campbell was inducted to Barvas Free Church of Scotland. Like Mr Davis, this is the 26-year-old’s first congregation in the Free Church ministry, having recently completed his studies at Edinburgh Theological Seminary.

Mr Campbell and his wife Alison were surrounded by hundreds of friends and well-wishers at the induction, at which Rev. Dr Iain D. Campbell (no relation) gave an address. Dr Campbell had been interim moderator while Barvas was without a minister.

There was a special celebration cake made for the occasion.

Gordon Bell



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