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United Beach Missions

October 2014 | by Alan Pibworth

‘I am one of those who opposed UBM coming’, said a local man in Lyme Regis, at the start of a long and helpful conversation with the beach team leader.

At Lyme Regis, not only was this man reached with the gospel but, in just one week, the team met with many others. They included a 20-year-old from London earnestly seeking salvation; an unsaved family from Nottingham who kept coming back; a confused young man with unsupportive parents; and a girl with Christian grandparents who longed for a change of heart.

All around England, Wales, Ireland and Europe, in 21 beach resorts, there were again abundant opportunities for UBM to connect with children, teenagers, parents and adults, and share the good news of the gospel.

Several children and adults have trusted Christ and more than 300 children — many from non-Christian homes — have asked to join the Postal Bible Club.

Tens of thousands of the Beach special magazine — full of personal stories, puzzles, the gospel and follow-up offers — have been given out, as well as John’s Gospels, DVDs, and booklets.

The work of UBM carries on during the winter months, with a constant stream of people asking for literature or seeking answers to questions through websites and phone apps (further information at

Alan Pibworth

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