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Gaza conflict

September 2014

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) has called for an ‘immediate end’ to the violence in the Holy Land, asking Christians to pray that both Israel and Palestine will return to good faith negotiations.

In a statement, the WEA quoted from evangelical leaders in Israel and Palestine, reminding the international Christian community that suffering, grief and despair are not just an ‘affront to humanity’, but an ‘affront to God’.

One of the statements, written by Rev. Harry Tees, WEA ambassador to the Holy Land, said, ‘We are saddened by the spiral of violence that once again is ripping through our beloved neighbourhoods. We call the worldwide church to join us for a time of prayer and fasting’.

Rev. Charles Kopp, chairman of the Evangelical Alliance of Israel, said, ‘It is imperative we remember that our first allegiance and citizenship is from above and that we cannot use the Bible selectively to defend the cause with which we identify.

‘We cannot continue to export clichés to the world that is hungry for real answers, that our Saviour is waiting to supply, if we are not willing to take the most elementary steps to be truly reconciled to our brother’.

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