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Gay agenda

September 2014

Pre-school children should be taught to celebrate homosexuality, and all infant schools should carry books about being gay, the new head of Stonewall has said.

In an exclusive interview with The Independent, Ruth Hunt, the new chief executive of gay lobby group Stonewall, said that infants needed to be educated to prevent future homophobia.

Ms Hunt told the paper that she wanted Stonewall to commission books ‘celebrating difference in all its forms for under-fives’.

According to The Independent, this initiative is part of the organisation’s commitment to ‘tackling homophobia in schools’, which Ms Hunt claimed has the backing of new education secretary Nicky Morgan.

Ms Hunt said, ‘We need to encourage [under-fives] to think about different families. Many kids these days have two mums or two dads — or at least gay uncles and aunts.

‘The next step is about going into preschools. I know from all my godchildren that the quality of children’s books depicting difference is dire. I really want to commission — and this is something we’ve got to talk about as an organisation — a suite of books that celebrates difference in all its forms for under-fives’.

This latest madness comes as a Christian campaign group has sponsored the petition, ‘Keep sex education non-compulsory and retain the parental right of withdrawal’. The petition, backed by the Campaign to Protect Children, can be found at