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Uganda killing

September 2014

Uganda has started to witness Islamist attacks on churches and Christian homes. In one of the most recent, an 18-year-old Christian woman was hacked to death and a one-year-old baby injured after Muslims burst into an overnight prayer meeting at a church at Chali Born Victory Church in Kyegegwa.

According to reports from advocacy group Barnabas Fund, Pastor Jackson Turyamureba said he was preaching when he saw somebody peeping through a window.

He is reported as saying, ‘I thought he was a drunkard and told him to either enter or go away. Shortly after that I heard doors being banged and men shouting Allahu Akhbar (‘Allah is great’) as they stormed the church brandishing pangas (machetes) and beating worshippers’.

During the attack, 18-year-oldBeatrice Mukashaka was killed and three others, including a one-year-old baby, were injured. Pastor Jackson only narrowly escaped death after he ducked a panga and ran through the garden.

The Islamist men escaped to a nearby mosque and police surrounded the building. A police officer was killed when one of the attackers opened fire. Two suspects were arrested.

According to Barnabas Fund, attacks against Christians by Muslims in Uganda are becoming more frequent, despite the fact that 85 per cent would classify themselves as Christian.