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Lewis Christian Conference

September 2014 | by David Murray

This year’s Lewis Christian Conference took place from Friday 27 June to Monday 30 June in Stornoway.

The speaker was Dr Sinclair B. Ferguson, who retired last year as senior minister of First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina. He addressed the conference on the theme ‘In Christ Alone’ and helped focus our attention on the centrality and completion of Christ’s work, in securing the salvation of his believing people. 

Dr Ferguson gave three edifying messages. One was from Philippians 3, on the conversion of Saul of Tarsus; the second from Romans 6, where he explained what it means to be in union with Christ and experience the transforming power of God, the old self having been crucified with Christ; the third message was from Romans 5:1-11, where he spoke of the privileges that belong to the Christian believer in Jesus Christ. 

All the conference messages were spiritually uplifting and personally challenging. The High Church building was kindly made available for the conference meetings again this year. Dr Ferguson preached in the High Fellowship and in Point Free Church on the Lord’s Day. He addressed a large fellowship gathering in the High Church on the Lord’s Day evening, where he shared testimony and spoke of the Lord’s work in his own life.

Once again, we were pleased to welcome representatives from Christian Focus Publications and the Christian Institute. They updated us on the work they are involved in and provided information and bookstalls.

The conference organisers were very encouraged with attendances at all of the meetings this year from across the island’s churches. There were also visitors from other parts of the UK and overseas. The committee is delighted to announce that next year’s conference will see a return of Dr Charles Price, who spoke at the first Lewis Christian Conference, in 2012 (CDs or DVDs from [email protected]).

David Murray






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