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A noble task

September 2014

Grace Baptist Partnership (GBP), Scotland, has created a ‘webinar’ (web-based seminar) to help encourage churches and men feeling a call to the ministry.

     The webinar, called ‘A Noble Task’, will take place on 25 September, and is free to join by sending an email to [email protected] and asking for a password to join.

     The webinar is for those who, according to a newsletter from GBP, are concerned about the small number of men coming forward for pastoral ministry, even as a large number of pastors are nearing or past the age of retirement.

     The newsletter said, ‘Are you burdened by the fact that while the fields are white to harvest the labourers remain few in number? Are you convinced that there are potential evangelists and church planters in the churches, but that we need to do a better job of identifying and developing them?’

     ‘Are you wondering about options for training men for church planting and pastoral work in the UK? Are you aware of a man who is considering a call to Christian service who would benefit from some guidance from others?’

     If the answer to any of these is yes, the newsletter said, then taking part in the seminar would help anyone concerned by these matters.

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