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July 2014

Growing fears of witchcraft and false accusations of practising magic have spread across Nepal, with women being subjected to ‘horrific’ attacks, a report has found.

A 24-page report commissioned by the Forum for Protection of People’s rights, the Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network and the Bar Human Rights Committee of England and Wales, said women are being subjected to awful forms of violations.

It claimed that the belief in witchcraft was endemic within all societies, but especially during the evolution of the Nepalese nation state, it was so important to work with the Nepalese government to put a stop to the torture and killing of women in the name of combating witchcraft.

According to the report, belief in witchcraft has ‘entered into the discourse of violence against women, children, disabled and the elderly. These violations are increasingly being recognised as some of the most horrific abuses witnessed today.

‘Nevertheless, the terminology used to document such cases remains, at best, confusing as they suggest that the violence or abuse has taken place due to witchcraft, rather than due to belief in witchcraft’.



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