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Scottish Reformed Conference

July 2014 | by Richard Martin

The 25th annual Scottish Reformed Conference (SRC) took place as usual on the second Saturday of May, in Hamilton College, Hamilton.

It was a special day of ministry, fellowship and blessing, not least due to the fact that it was our 25th anniversary year and we were able to consider how the conference has grown and matured, by the grace of God, over the years.

Roughly 400 people attended from across all denominations, making the SRC a major event in the Scottish Christian calendar. There was a good mix of ages and nationalities, with some even travelling up from England. There were many young people, families and children.

Our guest speakers this year were the Rev. Dr Sinclair B. Ferguson, who has returned to Scotland after retiring from First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina, and, fittingly in this anniversary year, our chairman, Rev. David Carmichael.

We prayed that the Lord would lead them in their preparation and the theme that emerged was of the kingly glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, who reigns by divine appointment. Both speakers were warmly received.

In his first address Dr Ferguson considered Psalm 2 under the title, ‘Christ Jesus: the Lord’. We were reminded our present difficulties must be viewed against the backdrop of the eternal dominion and ultimate victory of our Lord.

Lord and Saviour

In his second address Dr Ferguson reflected on the way Paul speaks of his personal coming to faith in Christ and his confession of ‘Christ Jesus: My Lord’, from Philippians 3:7-11. It was a great blessing to consider that the righteousness by faith that Paul came to know is ours as believers, because we are united to Christ.

Rev. David Carmichael preached passionately from Mark 15:16-32 under the title, ‘Christ Jesus: our king’. We were reminded how the Lord Jesus endured mockery, was brutalised and raised upon his throne (the cross). While there, he refused the drug-infused drink of the soldiers, intended to dull his senses and ease his suffering. He was in full control, able to fulfil Scripture and achieve his task.

As a conference we are grateful to the team of young people ably led by Cameron Shaw of Clarkston Baptist Church, whose work among the children was first class and deeply appreciated. Similarly, we are indebted to John Rawlinson and Banner of Truth for the excellent bookstall.

We are thankful to God for the fine conference, exceptional ministry and warm fellowship each year. We look forward to our next conference on 9 May 2015, when our main speaker will be Kevin DeYoung, USA. For audio and visual, visit www.scottishreformedconference

Richard Buckley and Richard Martin