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Abortion and domestic violence

July 2014

Victims of domestic abuse are increasingly likely to seek abortion, analysis from Kings College, London, has found.

Assessing 74 studies from across the globe, the college found that up to 50,000 women in the UK have sought abortion — and there is a strong connection between this and these women being the subjects of some form of domestic abuse.

Prof. Jack Scarisbrick, national chairman of pro-life charity Life, said, despite this link, little coverage of this has appeared in the national media.

He said, ‘Domestic violence and the welfare of women is an issue for all of us and if, as this research strongly suggests, abortion exacerbates violence towards women, then we need to tackle it urgently. In implicating abortion as a factor in male partner violence towards women, it seems that a raw nerve has been touched, and the mainstream press are turning a blind eye’.

He urged organisations and agencies working in this field to ensure that this research informs and influences their practice.




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