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Abortion Bill

July 2014

Despite much debate and pressure from lobby groups, the government passed guidance on abortion that a pro-life organisation has described as ‘weak’ and ‘failing to uphold the law’.

Paul Tully, general secretary of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), criticised the new guidance by the Department of Health.

He said the guidance on various aspects of abortion law and practice, such as sex-selective abortions and the pre-signing of abortion authorisation forms, was not strong enough to prevent abuse.

Mr Tully said, ‘We welcome the government’s messages that abortion on the grounds of sex alone is wrong; that doctors must not pre-sign abortion authorisation forms and that doctors cannot form a proper opinion of a woman’s condition without ever seeing her.

‘These messages, however, are neither ground-breaking nor robust. The Department of Health and the abortion industry have a close and ugly relationship’.

He claimed: ‘The Department contracts out millions of pounds’ worth of abortions to the private sector, which is keen to provide abortions (NHS-funded) to all comers. The Department also acts in parliament as the defender of the pro-abortion lobby, briefing ministers and promoting policies that undermine the law’.

Mr Tully added that the guidance promoted an ‘underlying agenda of abortion-on-demand, presuming to assert that abortion on grounds of the baby’s sex is illegal, while allowing the abortion industry to carry on aborting other “unwanted babies”, despite the evidence of harm to women resulting from such abortions’.




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