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Thornton Heath

July 2014 | by Simoney Kyriakou

On Sunday 18 May, six men were inducted into the leadership at Thornton Heath Evangelical Church, Surrey, to strengthen the diaconate and eldership and help the church in its mission to the unreached community.

Two years since the church welcomed its new pastor, Gordon Bull, and a year after the new premises were opened to the glory of God, four new deacons and two new elders were brought into service at the church.

Mr Bull who, together with current elder Peter Dunn and the existing diaconate, has been training the new recruits for 12 months, said this marked a milestone in the life of the church, with men from all ages, walks of life, cultures and backgrounds, brought in to help serve God.

The youngest deacon — the church youth worker — is in his 20s and currently studying with his wife at EMF School of Biblical Studies. The eldest appointee is in his 60s. Countries represented by the expanded leadership team include Martinique and Kenya.

There are two new elders, Simon Harris and Edgar Powell, and four new deacons, Brice Hadjard, David Easton, David Bristow and Dipak Damani.

Preaching from 2 Timothy 4:1-8, Pastor Bull’s sermon was entitled ‘Fulfil your ministry’ and he highlighted four points: our charge, our foundation, our task and our commitment.

Each of us as Christians have a charge to proclaim Christ to others. This is true whether we are preachers, elders, deacons, missionaries, mothers, friends, office workers or shop attendants.

We have a sure foundation on which to preach, a double foundation of the authority of Scripture and the authority of Jesus Christ. Our task is to declare and live the gospel. Often the living is harder than the speaking, so our words and life must both be Christ-like and Christ-centred.

Lastly, we have a commitment, to be like soldiers and athletes, fighting the good fight and running the race to the end, faithful to the last.

Simoney Kyriakou