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Domestic abuse and abortion

May 2014

Pro-life charity LIFE has launched a new campaign to raise awareness of the link between domestic abuse and abortion.

Called ‘Finding Hope’, the campaign highlights studies that show 25 per cent of women globally who seek abortion are victims of domestic abuse. This would equate to 50,000 women every year in the UK seeking abortion.

According to a statement from LIFE: ‘The link between the physical, mental and sexual abuse of women by their partners gets stronger with repeat abortions. In one study, for example, women presenting for a third termination were over 2.5 times more likely to have a history of violence than women presenting for their first termination’.

The charity said the findings ‘point to a cycle of abuse’ — violence, pregnancy, abortion, violence — as women who have abortions can become more self-destructive, and remain in or seek out abusive relationships, as a form of self-punishment.

Finding Hope will raise awareness about the link between violence towards women and abortion, and provide case studies to help women who want to seek advice.

The statement said, ‘Every year in the UK there are thousands of abused women who are coerced or forced into having abortions and are at great risk of experiencing more abuse and further abortions.

‘These women are among the most vulnerable in society and are being let down. The abortion industry does not do enough to enable women to flee abuse and their measures of success fail to take into account the suffering behind their statistics’.

It also aims to raise funds for LIFE’s helpline, to offer more support to women caught in this ‘cycle of abuse’ and to draw attention to abortion providers’ ‘conveyor-belt service’ and failure to provide adequate counselling and information.






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