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May 2014

Allowing three-parent embryos is a vote-loser for the Conservatives, a study commissioned by the Christian Institute (CI) has claimed.

In a poll of more than 2000 UK adults, carried out by ComRes on behalf of the CI, 29 per cent of Conservative voters claimed that if the government presses ahead with the changes to these laws, they would be less likely to vote Tory at the next election.

According to the poll, the policy also has a negative rating across all age ranges, with young people saying it made them less likely to vote Conservative, by a margin of 3:1. This figure increased dramatically among older voters to a ratio of almost 20:1.

Colin Hart, director of the CI, said, ‘This poll shows the constant weakening of laws designed to protect the public are not popular. There has been completely inadequate public debate on the issue and there are real safety fears. 

‘This is about producing genetically modified babies, with altered DNA which will be passed down to future generations. No one knows what the consequences will be’.

Mr Hart added that the Secretary of State for Health needed to ‘get a grip’ on his department, especially after a poll a few weeks ago found that changes to the abortion procedures were very unpopular with 76 per cent of the UK public.






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