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Holiday Bible Club, Oswestry

May 2014 | by Ruth Davies

After church on Sunday 16 February, a gang of labourers cleverly transformed the Victorian church of Holy Trinity, Oswestry, into a dynamic scene from the Wild West for the Holiday Bible Club.

Work and preparation from the 63-strong team of variously aged and experienced helpers continued on the Monday as, from Tuesday to Friday, 100 or so children from years 1-6 were welcomed to the Wild West Adventure each morning.

Bible teaching was based around ‘Wanted’ notices, which were pinned up each day to the saloon door: Wanted — the powerful rescuer (Mark 4:35-5:43); the sin-sorter (Mark 7:14-23); the price payer (Mark 8:27-38); and the promise keeper (Mark 15:21-47; 16:1-8).

Alongside the Bible teaching, and interwoven with it, were crafts, games, competitions, count downs, videos of ‘Yesterday at holiday club’, sundry figures dressed up as Indians, cowboys and cowgirls, as well as action songs, games and refreshments.

The junior leaders were also given teaching and outings in the afternoons and evenings. Some of the helpers hailed from other churches, but the team knit splendidly together.

Each day started with leaders’ prayer, early in the morning before the children arrived.

Ruth Davies




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