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Scottish conference

May 2014 | by Richard Martin

Dr Sinclair Ferguson has been scheduled to speak at the 25th annual Scottish Reformed Conference (SRC) on 10 May this year, at Hamilton College, Hamilton.

According to Richard Martin, spokesman for the SRC, this is the anniversary year for the SRC. He said, ‘We hope that it will be special.

‘Our conference has grown considerably in size since its inception in 1990, but also, more importantly, in terms of the fellowship and unity it fosters across denominational boundaries, and we pray that this year will be no exception’.

Dr Ferguson is the former minister of St Georges Tron, Glasgow, and First Presbyterian Church of Columbia, South Carolina, US. Having returned to Scotland, he is now a member of the preaching team at St Peters Free Church, Dundee.

Another speaker lined up is Rev. David Carmichael, who is chairman of the conference and a founding member of the SRC.

Mr Martin added: ‘Over the years, the conference has benefited immensely from his leadership and energy and it is fitting that he should take part in our programme this year. Mr Carmichael has exercised a respected and influential ministry at Abbeygreen Church of Scotland, Lesmahagow, since 1982 and is widely recognised as an evangelical leader in Scotland’.

Richard Martin

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