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Westminster Faith Debates

March 2014

The Westminster Faith Debates (WFD) are now online, after a special website was created to host the high-profile discussions on a wide range of religious topics.

Students and teachers of religion, ethics, philosophy and politics can read up on topics such as ‘Stem Cell and abortion’ and ‘Sexualisation of society’, thanks to the project, created by professor Linda Woodhead of Lancaster University, who commissioned agency NuBlue to build the site.

Some of the high-profile debaters include former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, food guru Delia Smith in discussion with Alistair Campbell, and David Blunkett.

A statement from the WFD site said the programme aimed to improve the way religion is ‘understood and dealt with by politicians and public figures, while bringing the findings of recent research to a much wider audience’.

Matt Hutchinson, agency manager of NuBlue, said, ‘The WFD website is taking big issues relating to faith to the highest levels of public debate’.




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