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Gay to straight

March 2014

Suggesting that homosexual people are forced into changing to become straight is a ‘distortion of the truth’, Dr Mike Davidson has said.

Speaking at charity Core Issues Trust’s conference in London in January, called Setting Love in Order, Counsellor Dr Davidson said that the debate on therapeutic help to move away from unwanted same-sex attraction has been hijacked.

The doctor, who has moved away from a homosexual lifestyle, said the debate had ‘been distorted by a small and vociferous gay lobby who want to suggest that homosexuals are being somehow forced into acting out a heterosexual lifestyle against their will.

‘This is a cynical distortion of the truth. Core Issues Trust represents the interests of people who voluntarily choose to access therapeutic help to move away from their unwanted same-sex attraction’.

He was responding to the opening address at the conference, given by Labour MP Geraint Davies, who has put forward a private member’s Bill on Counsellors and Psychotherapists (Regulation). The Bill aims to outlaw therapies that can help people struggling with same-sex attraction.

In 2013, Dr Davidson was struck off the psychotherapists’ register of trainee professional membership by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy for his views on this issue.