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Prison ministry

March 2014

Christian Prison Resources Ministries’ (CPR) ‘Mark Time’ studies at Wormwood Scrubs are gradually gaining ground, after the adverse impact of deep funding cuts that have affected how many men are unlocked and free to come.

There is a real thirst among the men who come to get to grips with the teaching of Mark’s Gospel. CPR needs two more helpers to run this group, and look forward to a local pastor joining, as soon as he is security-cleared.

Pentonville has also suffered through the cutbacks, but senior staff are helping matters to improve and making it possible for more men to attend. The group meeting has 5-7 men attending and permission to place publicity around the prison to attract more.

Gerard and Phillippa Chrispin have been appointed Free Church chaplains at Coldingley, though with limited hours. Good numbers attend there regularly and an additional Bible study is in view soon.

The weekly opportunities to present the gospel to prisoners at Sunday services are encouraging and CPR continue their prison work in many other UK locations.

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