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Nigerian attacks

March 2014

A group of gunmen opened fire in a church in northern Nigeria, killing at least 99 people, before rampaging through a Christian village.

According to a report in Al-Jazeera, the Islamic fighters used explosives and heavy guns in the attacks, which apparently razed hundreds of homes.

The attacks in Borno and Adamawa states resulted in one of the highest death tolls in recent attacks by fighters, despite a state of emergency in northern Nigeria to stem the tide of an Islamist uprising in the region.

According to a security official’s report, attackers set off several explosions in Kawuri village, in Borno state, after launching their assault near the weekly market as vendors were packing up on Sunday night.

The official said 52 people died and the entire village was burned down, including 300 homes. He also said two improvised explosive devices left behind went off on Monday morning, narrowly missing security personnel collecting bodies in Kawuri.

The official blamed suspected Boko Haram fighters for the attack. On the following Sunday, fighters in Adamawa state, south of Borno, stormed a church during a Sunday morning service in Wada Chakawa village.

They fired guns, set off explosives and took residents hostage, said Raymond Danbouye, a spokesman for the Catholic diocese of Yola. He said about two dozen people were killed and buried on Monday.

The Al-Jazeera report said that suspected Boko Haram members set off explosives and fired into the church, then burned houses and took residents hostage during a five-hour siege.





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